UK Politics

Preaching to the Choir – Jeremy Corbyn in Highbury Fields

The few hundred people who gathered in Highbury Fields to hear Jeremy Corbyn speak yesterday evening carried many banners and placards. Both the Socialist Party and Socialist Workers Party were well represented; Momentum – Corbyn’s personal shock troops – clustered around the old fire engine that served as a stage; one man waved a UNISON flag. One group, however, seemed conspicuously absent – the Labour Party.

Certainly, there were Labour members there – I stood next to a large group of them from Crouch End – but visually the party was absent. There were no Labour banners, no placards, not even a solitary rose on the banner that adorned the fire engine. It simply read ‘Jeremy Corbyn. Straight Talking. Honest Politics.’ It was an odd look for a rally that was ostensibly part of a campaign for the Labour leadership.

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