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Video: Pro-Corbyn protestors demand Theresa May’s resignation

Hundreds of protestors gathered outside Downing Street to demand the resignation of Theresa May and oppose the deal between the Conservatives and the Democratic Unionist Party.

The event, organised by left-wing activist Owen Jones, followed the shock election result, which saw May lose her majority and cemented Jeremy Corbyn’s position at the head of the Labour Party.

Mr Jones said: “Theresa May is trying to cling on to power with an alliance with the Democratic Unionist Party, the most extreme party in Parliament.

“We are not having the political wing of the 17th century running the country.”


Activist and Guardian columnist Owen Jones addresses the crowd at the May Must Go protest outside Downing Street. Credit: Chris McKeon

There was strong support for Mr Corbyn among the crowd, with protestors chanting his name and waving placards calling for the veteran left-wing politician to take power.

Other demonstrators called for justice for the victims of the Grenfell Tower fire.

Labour MPs Rupa Huq, Angela Rayner and Marsha De Cordova also addressed the crowd.

Ms Huq described Mrs May as “incompetent and illegitimate”, while Ms Rayner said the Conservatives would “sell their granny if it means they will stay in power.”


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